Therapeutic Exercise


Physical exercise and fitness are NOT synonymous. The regular practice of western type of exercise such as weight lifting or jogging may make one fit, but it does not necessarily make one healthy. It may in some cases be just the opposite. A proper amount of regular exercise is absolutely essential to preserve good health and mobility.

Is all exercise the same?
All western sport exercises and games can be classified as external exercises. External exercises are aimed at developing muscles and sinews.

Internal exercises, like meditation and Qi Gong are aimed at developing qi and massaging the internal organs by a coordination of movement, breathing and concentrations. Qi gong forms strengthen the qi and facilitate the movement of it so that the muscles and sinews get nourishment from within. When this happens, the external development can take place. There are many forms of meditation and qi gong that are practiced.

Both internal and external exercise are beneficial.   A combination of both is ideal.